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Reasons Women Cheat

Your sex life is crap:  Women unhappy with heir sex life are more likely to stray. When we asked women to evaluate which circumstances would be most likely to open them up to an affair, sexual unhappiness with their regular partners loomed large.

He doesn't listen to you: If men want to have an affair with a married woman, all they have to do is listen to her. Most feel ignored and unappreciated if their husbands don't listen to them.

You're ovulating : Women are more likely to have an affair when they are ovulating than at any other time. If you're ovulating and you're out for a drink a male colleague or friend, you’re much more likely to respond to his attentions if he makes a move.

You crave love, cuddles and someone to hold your hand in the cinema: An infidelity expert has found most women having affairs are seeking intimacy and companionship, and say they're extremely unhappy in their marriage.

You travel a lot for work: Women who travel have more flings. They have more opportunities than office-based women, and research shows that the opportunities you get, the more you are likely to stray.

Your partner can't seem to hold down a job: Woman are likely to have affairs when her current partner can't hold down a job; when she meets someone who has better financial prospects than her partner and he's interested in her and when she meets someone more successful than her current partner.





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