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What are the latest wedding trends

 Here are several for you to consider in your planning:

·  Cummerbunds and bow ties made out of the same fabric as the bridesmaids' dresses.

·        Bridesmaids gowns in deep, rich colours for fall and winter, such as hunter green, burgundy, navy blue, grape and midnight; and for spring and summer, new shimmering, silvery French satins, crepes and chiffons in such irresistible colours as Victorian lilac, celadon, cornflower, periwinkle, champagne, and platinum.

·        Couples writing their own vows.

·        Children from previous marriages being incorporated into the ceremony.

·        Couples facing the congregation during the ceremony (as opposed to having their backs to them).

·        Older brides (in 1950 the average bride was 18; in 1990, the average age of first -time brides was 24).

·        Doing away with receiving lines.

·        A designated, supervised "play room" for any children in attendance (where they can watch videos, colour, and play games).

·        More DJs and fewer bands at receptions.

·        Incorporation of the couple's ethnic backgrounds into the wedding's theme.

·        A move away from Cinderella "fluff" to sophisticated elegance (not only for the ceremony and reception themes, but the bridal attire, as well).

·        Because wedding costs are so high, there is more sharing of the total expense, not only by both sets of parents, but by the couple themselves. In fact, the couple, especially a professional couple who have been living on their own for a number of years, often pay for the entire wedding.

·        Destination weddings (getting married at your honeymoon destination).

·        More candid photography shots than ever.

·        Donating leftover reception food to food-kitchens for the poor.

·        Multiflavored wedding cakes.

·        No more plastic bride and groom cake toppers- more creative alternatives instead.

·        Food stations at the reception and cappuccino and espresso bars in place of alcoholic beverages.

·        Using interesting alternatives to the standard limo.






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