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True or false: Men are either breast men, leg men or lovers of the female derriere. These body parts attract a man's attention first.


A survey suggests that men are first attracted to a woman's face, eyes, smile and personality. Legs, breasts
and bottoms come a poor second. Thought: The difference between beauty and charm is simple. He notices
a beautiful woman. A charming woman notices him.

True or false: All men want to be with a good-looking woman.


It's true 75 per cent of men say they prefer a woman who is attractive, but that leaves a quarter of men for whom good looks in women are not essential. Looks are probably less important than other characteristics - for example, three-quarters of men find a woman with a good sense of humour enchanting. Honesty, loyalty and intelligence also rate highly. Thought: A woman with a sense of humour is one who finds her husband's jokes funny.

True or False: Most men would like a women to make the first move.


A survey found 97 per cent of men just dying to be asked out. Men run the risk of rejection when asking a woman out. If we want true equality shouldn't we be doing 50 per cent of the work at least? Thought: Running after men never hurt –it’s the catching them that does them damage.

True or false: All men love the come- hither look of see-through blouses, black leather and plunging necklines.


Nearly a quarter of men find revealing clothes a turn-off, especially if the woman who is wearing that backless, topless, frontless, bottomless outfit is their date. When it comes to alluring fashion, 90 per cent of men love to see a woman in jeans and 80 per cent of men appreciate a woman wearing a little black dress.

Thought: Looking at cleavage is like looking at the sun. You can't stare for too long - it's dangerous.

True or false: These days, most men who pay for an expensive dinner don't expect sex in return.


A thankyou or a goodnight kiss would suffice for most guys, but an amazing 15 per cent of younger blokes still expect petting or sex for splashing out on a slap-up meal at a fancy restaurant. A word of warning: men over the age of 35 are twice as likely as younger guys to expect sex after flashing the plastic at dinner. As for the question of who pays, one-third of men prefer
to go Dutch and split the bill; another third are traditional and think the man should pay and the final third suggest that whoever does the asking out also does the paying. So it seems that if guys had their way, we girls would be doing most of the asking out and therefore most of the paying!

Thought: Men who don't understand women fall into two groups - bachelors and husbands.

True or false: If you have sex on a first date most guys won't respect you in the morning.


Two-thirds of men say that if a woman had sex with them on the first date they would still respect her. But here's the rub - most guys don't have the chance to find out how they'd feel the next day because only six per cent of men always have sex on
the first date!

Thought: Is it possible that blondes also prefer gentlemen?

True or false: Most men care whether a woman is sexually satisfied.


Disappointingly, only half of men think it is important for a woman to have an orgasm during lovemaking. And it's no surprise that younger men care even less about their partners' satisfaction, with only 15 per cent of under-19s thinking a woman's pleasure matters. However, it appears that word is finally getting through to men that women need pleasuring before intercourse, with 73 per cent of men saying they spend 10 minutes or longer, on average, on foreplay. But let's not forget the four per cent who admit to spending less than one minute on pleasuring before intercourse - perhaps they think taking off their undies is foreplay!

Thought: Foreplay does not refer to the number of minutes you should spend doing it.





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