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Infidelity and Divorce


Breaking Up and Divorce Suck! Isn't it time you felt better?

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Reversing Relationship Breakdown

Reversing the Trend
If your lovelife has fallen too low on your list of priorities, here are some suggestions to help get it back on track.

Reprioritise your life
If you can't put your relationship on the top of your "to do" list, you're both in big trouble. Make a commitment to put your lovelife first.

Do something right now
Don't delay, hoping things will get better - they won't, unless you take action.

Take responsibility
Don't waste time trying to figure out who's to blame. You both need to make an effort if the problem is to be resolved.

Short-cut your anger
Don't let your anger stand in the way of making positive changes. Research has shown that the best way to change an emotional state is through action. Do something enjoyable together on a regular basis and your anger should fade. If it doesn't, seek counselling.

Quality vs quantity
It's not necessary to spend vast amounts of time together to foster closeness. Try to make some time together every day to be without interruptions. Ten minutes a day for catching up with each other will make a huge difference. Another strategy is to spend five minutes every day holding each other in a relaxed way, becoming comfortable with each other's bodies.

Schedule your rendezvous
Don't leave your time together up to chance. Plan your encounters. Also schedule time to deal with problems
so your special time together can be free of hassles.

Expect awkwardness
When you've drifted apart, it can feel uncomfortable and embarrassing to hang out together like the good old days. But time together is a great healer. It tells your lover "You matter to me" in a way that nothing else can.





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