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The Passion Indicator

This passion indicator will help you and your partner determine the level and kind of passion in your relationship.

The scores are:
1 = never, 3 = rarely, 5 = sometimes, 7 = often, 9 = constantly.
Do you miss your partner when you are apart?

Do you feel a sense of excitement in your relationship?
Do you want to touch and cuddle your partner at all times?
Do you fear that you might lose your partner?
Do you feel elated when you are with your partner?
Does your anxiety level rise when you are with your partner?
Are you sexually aroused by your partner outside the bedroom?

A score between 1 and 16 signifies a low level of passion. Think about rekindling the passion that lies at the heart of your love. A score between 17 and 33 shows that passion is of medium intensity in your relationship. This means that your relationship has matured. A high score of between 34 and 54 shows that you are still in love". You need to develop intimacy so that your love can flourish and endure.





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