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What Men Want Women to Know About Hot Sex

Here men tell everything they want women to know before the next sizzling session in the sack!

Under cover - Once in while, don't wear anything under your dress. Then, when we're in a crowded place, whisper it in my ear or better still, engineer it so that I happen to find out for myself. We may just have to make it an early night!

Love notes - Read me erotic fiction. It's more subtle than porn, but gets you so horny. Plus, it's fun to sit there and try not to ravish you while you read that kind of sexy stuff.

Body works - Warm up some oil in your hands and give over body massage. Then, when I'm slippery and relaxed
get naked and we'll have some fun.

Head work - When you're giving me a blow job, it doesn't always have to be hard and fast (even though I may make it seem it has to be that way). Take some time to be sensual and even breathe a little hot air down there -that feels amazing.

Slip stream - When I'm in the shower in the morning, jump in with your PJs still on or in one of my shirts. That way I can peel it off your dripping-wet body before having my way with you.

Bosom buddies - Don't forget how much I love you rubbing those nipples all over my body, with a little lick and nip here and there. And please rub me between your breasts - that rocks!

Remember me - If there's something I did in bed that drove you wild and you can't stop thinking about, tell me so that I can organise for it to happen again a.s.a.p.

Move It - Please don't ever be a starfish. There's nothing worse than feeling as though the sex is one-sided. Lift your hips, claw my back - do anything!

New stuff - Experiment at will. If there's a position you'd like to try, some sex toys you want to play with, or even a location! wouldn't mind christening, just ask. You'll rarely get a rejection!

Lip lock - Give me a long, hot, tongue-probing kiss during the “throes of passion”.

Bum dance - When I'm on top and going for it, grab my butt; cheeks and draw me deeper into you.

Hold me - After the deed is done, lay there with me, stroking my chest and face. I'm tingling all over, so it feels amazing.

Cyber space - During the day, text-message me all the things you would like to do to me when I get home from work. It has to be the best kind of foreplay there is.

Groan zone - If you don't want to be a traffic controller in bed then when I hit the sweet spots go crazy so I know to keep keeping on. Who wants a mouse on the mattress?

Pillow talk - When you're feeling horny, please tell me. It doesn’t even matter if there's nowhere to do it - just the though of wanting me always drives me wild!

Two hands -When performing oral sex, don't forget to keep your hands busy as well. Caress me, tickle me, pinch me or run your hands all over my body.

Pull a fast one - Let me have a quickie with you every now and again while your clothes are still on. Skirt up, undies pulled to the side, kissing roughly and passionately - it's fantastic!

Love bites - Nibble a little on everything. My bottom lip as were kissing, my chest as you're working your way down, my ear lobe as you're riding me from above.

Eye contact - Please look at me while you're giving me a head job. There's nothing like having a beautiful woman going down on you and holding your gaze while she does it.

Role call - Play games with me. Meet me at a bar and pick me up, surprise me with an evening of night long passion in a cheap hotel, or be in bed naked when I get home. It’ll be my turn next time.

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