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Steps to Higher Income

1.Make yourself visible. Social extroversion is a predictor of higher income. Position yourself for a promotion. Champion your employment evaluations, showing how you've added to the bottom line. You just might see your numbers rise.

2. Become indispensable. Managers tend to give heftier raises to those they truly depend upon. Become one of those people by taking on projects that will reflect upon your boss as well as yourself.

3. Search for a new job, either in your current organization or in another. Trading up is the most significant way of increasing your salary potential.

4. Specialize and become the expert. Specialties exist in almost every career, and some are more lucrative than others. If necessary, obtain the required certification or additional degree to qualify for such status.

5. Change careers, even slightly. Moving your job title into a profit-performing part of the company can enhance your paycheck. Support positions generally pay less and don't offer bonuses and commissions like sales positions might.

6. Raise your prices if you're self-employed. Clients are unlikely to object to a reasonable price increase (say 5 to 10 percent) if you have a proven track record of satisfying their needs.

7. Negotiate a better benefits package. Whether it's better health or disability coverage, child care, free parking, tuition reimbursement, stock options, more vacation or sick time, or the ability to telecommute, each benefit translates into value.





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