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Lawyers and Divorce

·        Not double-checking facts and figures the other side, or even your attorney, gives you. This includes any invoices from your law firm.

·        Allowing emotions rather than logical thinking to rule your legal decisions. Knee-jerk responses are usually inappropriate. Give yourself time to calm down and think first.

·        Expecting the legal system to be fair and see things from your perspective.

·        Allowing too much time to pass before enforcing a court order or agreed-upon support.

·        Forgetting the tax ramifications of legal decisions. That's why having a separate financial advisor or, at the very least, seeing issues from another perspective helps immensely.

·        Being a hindrance-not a help-to your case. For instance, it's not wise to annoy your attorney by not paying her or pestering her ad infinitum.

·        Believing your spouse will be fair and cooperative.

·        Expect the worst, but allow yourself to be surprised.

·        Having totally unrealistic expectations or demands regarding your case.

·        Not asking appropriate questions, or signing documents without understanding them.

·        Withholding information from your attorney, and/or dumping the entire case in their lap. You should not be a passive participant here.





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