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Divorce: The Last Word

        Never assume your friend's, sister's, or neighbour's marriage is perfect, for there very well could be cracks you don't see.

        Many among the married ranks don't realize what a safe harbour a warm, loyal spouse can be until it's way too late.

        It's better to be alone, relying upon good friends for communication and validation, than miserable in a silent union that wears you down.

        No woman should live with fear and intimidation. Ever.

        Helping children through adolescence is plenty. Navigating it for a husband is hopeless.

        Single parenting isn't a picnic, but the bond you form sticking with your children is irreplaceable.

        Yes, some dates can be disasters, but flirting and meeting potential partners is fun. And believe it or not, men and monogamy can co-exist in the same sentence.

        Who would have thought? The men who left their wives-for whatever reason or whatever person-often did them the biggest favour of their lives. Most of us women are stronger and more resourceful than we ever imagined.

        If you work hard, and live right, there will be opportunities for you.

        The future is so much more pleasant to ponder than the past.





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