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Balance Your Life

So how can we revitalise our lives to feel more enthusiastic? I recommend giving your life a makeover. There's a feng shui principle which says moving 10 possessions in your home will get energy flowing. This greatly improves your living environment and how you feel and function. I've discovered the same principle can also be applied to our lives. By making several simple changes in a short period of time, we can kick-start the positive momentum we need to make us feel rejuvenated and re-energised. To do this you need to select changes or actions from areas of the life balance wheel. Following are several suggestions - or use your own imagination and creativity.



Change your working hours. Start or leave earlier or later, and take breaks at different times. Relocate your desk or workspace. Bring fresh flowers to work. Alternate your transport to work; walk, cycle, bus, car pool, take a different route.


Change what you eat for breakfast. If you're a cereal person, switch to toast, bagels or crumpets. Introduce one detox day each week for fruit, vegetables, water and juices, and eliminate caffeine and alcohol. Take a short course of vitamins. Take a work leave day to relax, rest and reflect. 


Develop new financial goals to achieve over the next three months. Shop at a different supermarket. Send some money anonymously to a person in need. (It's sometimes said that what you give away will be returned to you ten-fold. Try it.You might be surprised!)


Avoid exercising outside on cold wet days by changing to a winter-friendly.Workout - swim, aqua-jog or work out at the gym. Change the time of day, the number of workouts per week, the duration. Find a new circuit, add hills, get a training partner or join a workout group. 


Create a weekly ritual with a friend, such as going to a movie, meeting for  breakfast, or browsing at the markets. Develop a new friendship with someone who doesn't fit your normal criteria - opposite sex, younger, older, or from a different walk of life. Contact friends that you haven't communicated with lately.


Re-arrange your furniture. Allocate one night a week over winter to de-clutter. Revamp your accessories and artifacts. Frame photos of loved ones. Display treasures you picked up from the beach, or source. Use vases, cushions, candles to define your look.


Get creative with past domestic arts such as baking biscuits or cakes, making jam, sewing a garment or
creating something for your home.
Take a short night school class or join a club. Plan your summer holiday.


Purchase a motivational tape or CD: to support your goals. Book a session with a personal trainer, nutritionist or image consultant. Record your feelings, emotions and dreams each day in a journal.

Personal style

Change your hair. Cut it short, change the part, get a fringe or grow it out, change the colour, go straight or , curly or get a new hairdresser.Go shopping and find five new accessories. They can be anything: from sunglasses, scarf, watch, bag,i belt, gloves, earrings, necklace, through: to hair clips, ties or bands. Discard every single item of clothing that does not make you feel good.


Develop a new weekend ritual with your partner such as brunch, a sauna, swim or spa. Experiment with new: love-making positions. Send a text message or email daily to your partner.





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